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Applied Pilates - St Albans, Hertfordshire

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The Benefits of Applied Pilates

Take these very different situations:

  • You have back pain, prolapsed disc, sciatica, facet joint joint syndrome or sacroiliac instability and are terrified of doing the wrong Pilates exercises
  • You want to experience the health benefits of better posture
  • You want to safely improve core stability, flexibility, get toned, feel stronger and healthier
  • You are recovering after an operation, eg spine (discectomy, fusion..), hip, shoulder, knee or ankle and want to get back to an active lifestyle
  • You have a niggling injury (joint, tendon or muscle pain) despite no end of physiotherapy and other treatments
  • You are hypermobile and need to improve joint stability to prevent injuries and early-onset osteoarthritis
  • You want to safely get or stay fit pre, during and post pregnancy without stressing your joints
  • You are over 60 and want to safely get or stay fit, reduce joint pain, improve your balance, flexibility and strength
  • You have osteoporosis or osteopenia and need the appropriate exercises to improve your bone density
  • You want qualified Pilates instructors with a clinical applied Pilates approach
  • You want the benefit of applied Pilates instructors that support premier league Watford Football Club physiotherapists, sport scientists, sports therapists and performance coaches.

In all these cases Applied Pilates could be the answer for you.

Why Applied Pilates? Because inappropriate Pilates and other exercises can be severely detrimental to your condition. Click here to find out why