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Our doors are open. You will feel welcomed, reassured and relaxed

The Applied Pilates team is based in an established studio fully equipped with Pilates and other specialist equipment. Teejay is well aware this can be an intimidating environment for a fitness novice to enter so he is quick to reassure newcomers: “You will feel at ease in the Applied Pilates studio. It is not a competitive environment and we will ensure you only work to a level you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel anxious about coming along.”

The Applied Pilates studio equipment includes Cadillac, Reformers (including Rehab & V-Max Plus), Ladder Barrel, Split-pedal Stability Chair, Spine Supporters, Spine Correctors, Arc Barrels, Stability Balls, Bosu Balls, Rotation Discs, Fitness Circles & Bands – all of which are excellent for rehab, flexibilty and strengthening exercises to meet clients’ specific needs.

Applied Pilates specialise in using the most appropriate Pilates and other scientific evidence based injury rehab exercises to help our clients achieve their goals safely and as quickly as possible. Applied Pilates has the knowledge for your solutions. At Applied Pilates we only do 1-1, 2-1 and small group (max. 6) sessions because this enables us to focus on your individual requirements.

The advantages of Studio Pilates equipment

Teejay explains: “Our comprehensive range of machine equipment and props, plus most importantly, our expertise, allows us to help you to achieve your goals more quickly and more safely than in matwork or group reformer classes.”

The Applied Pilates Centre – Sports Injuries and remedial massage practitioner and fully certified PILATES Instructors