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The Sogunro Practice
Pilates and Osteolates 

Welcome to our practice.

​We are focussed on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries that cause pain or other adverse impacts on quality of life.

The key elements of the practice are our pilates studio - Applied Pilates and our Osteolates clinic.

Whether you are looking for treatment for pain, prevention or to increase mobility, contact us today to book an assessment.

At the Sogunro Practice we are here to help you live a pain free life through pilates and osteolates treatments.  These are the main conditions we can address:

We are specialist healthcare providers, regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Applied Pilates

Applied Pilates incorporates up to date principles of spinal/joint rehabilitation and exercise science. It offers preparatory pilates exercises and modifications to cater for different abilities, conditions and levels of fitness, and is one of the safest and most effective pilates-based exercise methods. Learn on specialist equipment which provides support and stability as you carry out the exercises.


Osteolates successfully uses a combination of innovative soft tissue treatment techniques, stretching and Applied Pilates rehabilitation exercise to help clients resolve chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues that other forms of treatments have not been able to solve.


Our goal is to get you better as quickly as possible through our unique four step treatment plan.

What our Customers Say

When I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and severe pain in my lower back, I saw a physio and a doctor. They both said i should consider injections as the pain wasn’t getting better and the physio sessions weren’t helping. Thankfully I decided I needed a 2nd opinion before I went for injections. Thanks to Teejay, i didn’t need to have injections and my back is almost free from pain! He seemed to know how to treat the problem and what i needed to do. Thank you for your support Teejay.

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