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Physiotherapy Applied Pilates Studio St Albans


Since we have opened we have hundreds of testimonials from clients that we have helped through Applied Pilates and Osteolates.

Getting feedback means the world to us, that through using our unique approach we can help our clients to live a strong pain free life whether they are 27 or 67.

Here’s the link below for your review, it will be very much appreciated.

Have had treatment variously for what had been recurring lower back pain, a shoulder injury and sports-related oedema. The combination of Teejay’s treatment and Susan’s pilates sessions did the trick for me, fixing the first two and enabling me to keep the latter under control. What I liked was having an informed physiological explanation of what the problems and solutions were during both treatment and exercise, so I could understand the benefits of doing them. It’s a grown-up approach that encourages you take charge of your health, backed up by expertise.

When I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and severe pain in my lower back, I saw a physio and a doctor. They both said i should consider injections as the pain wasn’t getting better and the physio sessions weren’t helping. Thankfully I decided I needed a 2nd opinion before I went for injections. Thanks to Teejay, i didn’t need to have injections and my back is almost free from pain! He seemed to know how to treat the problem and what i needed to do. Thank you for your support Teejay.

I have scoliosis so have a level of back pain every day, but after a car accident it was really bad – Teejay was the only person to treat me where for a little while after, I had no pain. I now see him every time my scoliosis gets bad – his awareness of which parts of my back to treat, his technique and the equipment he uses is superb. He knows his stuff, you don’t feel anything is rushed and he genuinely makes a difference to how I feel. I would 100% recommend him without hesitation.

I had been suffering from shoulder tension and back pain for over a month. It was getting debilitating at work and I became restless at night due to the pain. After my first session with Teejay I felt an immediate improvement and slept like a log that night! Now 4 days after my second treatment I am pain free and can get back to a normal routine. I would highly recommend Teejay’s expertise and care.

You are never too old for Applied Pilates – and I  speak from experience!  I am 84 and the class is the most worthwhile hour I spend in the week to make sure I can going on doing all the things I love. It helps my strength, has rediscovered and improved my balance enormously and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to maintain their stamina and general wellbeing.  There is always professional support on hand throughout the session which is much appreciated by everyone.

After a long 3 day labour my  beautiful daughter was born but unfortunately my coccyx got so damaged that I could not sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time, the pain was awful, with damaged ligaments and nerves. I also had a prolapsed disc in my spine and was again in agony and could not do any of my normal activities for 3 months. So I started at Applied Pilates after being highly recommended. My life has changed so much…..I can now sit without being in pain and my normal activities have all resumed without being in pain. After having steroid injections every year for 12 years into my coccyx and spine I’ve not had to have anymore and hopefully shall never need another ever again thanks to my weekly Pilates workout.

After back surgery to remove a prolapsed disc I was still experiencing intermittent back pain 2 yrs later despite regular osteopath visits. I was recommended to clinical pilates and wish I had known about it years ago. My back pain has disappeared thanks to Teejay and Susan who have been supportive and fantastic teachers. My core strength has improved massively, back pain has been cured and now take weekly classes to maintain my well being. The classes are small and friendly and very welcoming. I can’t recommend the Applied Pilates too highly, excellent results and feel like I have a new lease of life.

I injured my back while on holiday, the pain was so agonising and debilitating that I couldn’t walk. On my return the GP mis-diagnosed my condition, and it was Applied Pilates that saved my bacon by advising I had a scan and then received the appropriate treatment. As a result, I discovered I had a massive prolapse disc and severe sciatica. It has taken me many months to get back to normal but thanks to the special individual care of Applied Pilates, I am functioning very well and I also now understand how to look after myself when I cannot make my regular sessions at the studio. I cannot thank them enough.

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