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Conditions We Treat

At the Sogunro Practice we are here to help you manage your pain.  This can take a number of different forms and each solution is totally tailored to you. 

Our unique approach using Applied Pilates, Osteolates and physiotherapy can treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

If you can see your condition below, please read on, but don't forget that we offer a tailored approach to your pain management and prevention, so whatever you are looking for, please get in touch to arrange an assessment to see how we can help you to reduce your pain.


I have osteoporosis and my GP said I need to improve my bone density, but I’m scared that exercise will damage my bones


I've been advised that I'm hypermobile and that I need to improve my joint stability in order to prevent injuries and early onset osteoarthritis

Core Stability & Flexibility

I feel so stiff but stretching doesn’t seem to make any difference, so I want find a way to safely improve my flexibility


I want to experience the health benefits of good posture - reduced tension and back pain, improved digestion and breathing

Prolapsed Disc/ Sciatica

I have a prolapsed disc and acute sciatica and my Physio has told me to do Pilates, but I'm absolutely terrified of doing the wrong exercises.

Facet Joint Syndrome

I've suffered from repeated flare-ups of agonising lower back pain for the past 5 years, and I'm desperate to find a long term solution


My hip is getting increasingly painful and stiff, and the painkillers and exercises I've been given aren't helping

Pre and Post Therapy

I'm scheduled for a knee replacement operation in 12 weeks time and I want to get back to an active lifestyle afterwards

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